Some observations of neighborhood houses.

Love, love, LOVE this vintage pickup truck and the strange reverse tent-trailer it’s pulling. They match!  And it looks like they’ve matched for decades!IMG_4700

I love this house, because the guy who owns it is the guy I aspire to be, keeping everything neat as a pin.  The shrubbery is trimmed just so, the grass is clipped, the driveway is shiny clean and I’d be willing to bet not a single maintenance task inside has been deferred.  Sadly, I am nowhere near this accomplished.


I went out of town for a week and a house disappeared.   Here is what has replaced it.  Two huge houses with no yard and costing much more than I’ll ever be able to afford.  (Not that I would want a house that big.)


Here’s the view from the back.


And today’s “Only in Portland” sighting:


One thought on “Some observations of neighborhood houses.”

  1. I agree that it’s a lovely yard, but I just can’t get over that chain link fence. I’m sure they must be cheap, but I think they’re so ugly. Every time I see one, it makes me sad.

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