2 thoughts on “Big week ahead. Here’s my cooking list for today.”

  1. So do you do all your cooking on one day? It’s such a good idea, one that I should implement, assuming I ever got around to cooking regularly. In fact, I wonder if I would cook more regularly if I just dedicated one whole day to it?

    1. Currently, I don’t do it often. This was a week where I had something every night, so it was good to just get it done. Before I subscribed to the Soupstones menus ($20 per month, five meals per week includes shopping list) I would make one thing and eat it for most of the week. I use the Soupstones meals for my lunch (I sell the other serving to Matt for his dinner) and I need to start making something to nosh on for my dinner as I’m usually in the mood to eat when I come home from work. I think I’m going to try to have a bean/grain something on hand for evening meals.

      Normally weekend cooking is prep work (vegetable of the week, soup of the week, bread if I need it) and weeknight cooking doesn’t take much time.

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