Three sentence movie reviews: Begin Again


I have had a string of really awesome movies about music and this movie joins the pack. This was, perhaps, a perfect movie, doing “movie things” well and with excellent acting all around.*  It’s also a movie you can watch with your parents, especially if they enjoy the music creation process.

Cost: Free from library
Where watched: at home.

*There were also some really fabulous women’s-stories-via-film-medium elements that I can’t tell you about because they will spoil plot.  But I adored them.  This may be a top 10 movie watched this year.  Or possibly a top 5.

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4 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Begin Again”

  1. I enjoyed this movie too and unexpectedly finding myself having Lost Stars stuck in my head for quite a bit! What other movies about music would you recommend? I recently chanced upon Rudderless on TV but I missed the beginning portion of it. The rest of it seems nice, if you happen to enjoy that kind of music too.

    1. I had that song stuck in my head too!

      Excellent music movies I would recommend and have recently watched:
      Straight Outta Compton (though I was watching this for the dramatic elements, it actually is about the creation of music)
      Only Lovers Left Alive (actually a vampire movie, but one of them is into music and the music is pretty prominent)
      Rudderless (too bad you missed the start, because it really sets up what happens later. Still a very good movie, though.)
      Inside Llewyn Davis (so atmospherically good!)
      Tonight You’re Mine (which is the US title, but also could be called You Instead. Filmed over five days (5 days!!!) at a music festival in Scotland)
      We Are the Best (punk rock girls)
      Love & Mercy (the sound design is amazing and Paul Dano is fabulous.)

  2. I also liked this movie, and really appreciated that it didn’t “go there” with a certain relationship when it certainly could have.

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