Gone from Burnside. Car lot.

When Matt lived in Southeast off of Sandy, and I lived downtown I used to walk to his house on a regular basis, mostly crossing the Burnside Bridge.  Today I had to run an errand after school and it was quicker to walk back.  So I noticed that the used car lot at the corner of Burnside and MLK has gone away.  I wonder when that happened?

2 thoughts on “Gone from Burnside. Car lot.”

  1. Where we were in Arlington (well, the Ballston area) had had a lot of car sales lots. Slowly but surely they had been moving out to other parts to make way for other developments. Wonder if that's a trend.

  2. I say good riddance. I think car lots make every neighborhood uglier. Hasn't that area had a lot of development? Perhaps they got priced out.

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