Goodbye to you, inviting lot.

IMG_3461I’ve long enjoyed walking past this lot at 1536 N Schofield St.  It’s a little bit overgrown, but has some great mature trees on it. Portland Maps tells me it’s currently owned by the Frank A Morse Family Trust and was purchased for $22,500 in 1997. If I wanted to buy it and keep it a fun little hideaway, I’d have to pony up $210,000.  I just ran some mortgage numbers and with a $5000.00 down payment and a 15 year fixed rate mortgage, I would have to pay $1900.00 per month.  So I’m guessing this will be a large infill house very soon.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye to you, inviting lot.”

  1. Awww, a very lovely lot, indeed. Maybe somebody will put a tiny house on it? A person can dream.

  2. I do look forward to seeing exactly what comes in that space. Too bad it can’t be your writing sanctuary with a little tiny house writing studio on it.

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