Hiking the Gorge: Larch Mountain

In which we attempt to go to Sherrad Point, but are thwarted by our hiking book’s directions.IMG_5938

In which we return to where we were and hike up to the picnic area, only to figure out where we went wrong.IMG_5939

Poor form!  Someone left a bottle of water for someone else to clean up.  We took it home and recycled it.  Shortly after this point, I tripped and full-body flopped to the ground.  My camera went flying, but thankfully tumbled onto soft needles and wasn’t damaged.  I put the camera away, so as to not court more danger.  So there are fewer photos of this trip.IMG_5940

Bridge timer photo.IMG_5941

Matt crosses the bridge.IMG_5942

We had just missed huckleberry season.IMG_5943

Abrupt change in trail elevation.

And we make it back to our starting position.  This was a fun hike and we saw few people.  We’ve made plans to go back in May or June as a lot of the hike runs along a creek.  In late August, the creek had run dry, so it would be fun to go back and compare.IMG_5946

5 thoughts on “Hiking the Gorge: Larch Mountain”

  1. Hello Dearie!

    Commenting on your blog is the first item on my list for today. I am in the mood to have dessert first – so here I am!!! Next up after visiting with Out and About is to hit Pike Schemes for a couple of new posts (there have been 3 in the queue for so long…

  2. I love the bridge time picture. So close on the huckleberries. You know I feel like I should be able to recognize them in the wild – but I would not have been. I have eaten scads of them in CdA but never gone picking. I should probably remedy that as soon as possible.

    The hike looks quite delightful!

    1. The first time I remember eating huckleberries was in CdA with you. When we went over to your grandparents’ house. Someone had been huckleberrying that day and we had fresh huckleberry pie. It was good!

  3. I’m glad that both you and your camera weren’t injured in your fall! I love going back to places during different seasons. With all the rain we’ve gotten in the last two months, the difference is quite shocking!

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