I spy an STP finisher

I’m not at all in a long-distance bicycling portion of my life, but I think I will be again, someday.  Which means someday I will complete the STP, just like this guy.

While I was waiting at the light, I could see hordes of other finishers crossing the intersection behind me, but by the time I got my camera the light had changed and I missed out on a great picture.

One thought on “I spy an STP finisher”

  1. I like that in early college when my sis, her friends, and my dad did the STP, Barbie and I were athletic supporters, driving the camper ahead. Setting up camp for them in Centralia. Funny how even then, I would not have considered actually trying it myself. A little sad really. But no matter, it was on that trip that we discovered the amazing Mexican restaurant in Centralia. I have been going back ever since. And thankfully it is still there and the food is still amazing!

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