Joan Gunnus’s memorial

We were a large group at Joan’s memorial service, and no wonder due to the remarkableness of Joan.  I love this picture. Though I rarely saw her looking this fancy, the picture captures her lovely essence.

Many people spoke about the different aspects of Joan’s life including her daughter and her neighbor who eventually introduced Joan to her husband John. My favorite speaker was her neighbor who recounted the story of house hunting and hearing that the woman who owned the blueberry field was magical.  Truer words have not been spoken. She also touched on Joan’s doubts and I learned that Joan was a writer of letters.
After the speakers had spoken we had a dance party and sent Joan off the best way we could. She will be missed.

One thought on “Joan Gunnus’s memorial”

  1. I know it is a huge loss. How lovely that the memorial was so beautiful and that all who gathered shared their stories and then danced their joy and sorrow.

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