Moneta Dress. Finito!

Man, this was a sewing win.  Big time.

I’m 39 years old with a BMI that puts me in the obese range.  I dress nicely when I am out and about because I think we should all dress nicely when out and about.  Still, after a certain age/weight, a female is pretty much invisible.
Not in this dress. The first day I wore it I got seven compliments.  SEVEN COMPLIMENTS!  From people I encountered along the way, from random passers-by in the street, seven people told me how much they loved this dress.  And I love it too.  The cut and the colors.  And the compliments.

5 thoughts on “Moneta Dress. Finito!”

  1. That is awesome. You look so happy! I used to have a dress my husband called my "compliment dress" because I got so many comments when I wore it. This must be yours!

  2. It's such a fantastic dress! You did a great job. And you look great in it! I'm not surprised at all that you get tons of compliments. Do you tell them all that you made it? I would! Haha.

  3. I've stopped telling people I made things. It shifts the conversation in a way I find weird. If they ask me where I got it I will say I made it, but other than that I just say "thank you."

    So far my favorite compliment has been on the train. I was reading (as usual) and as the train pulled into one of it's stop the gentleman behind me said, "Pardon me, I don't want to interrupt your reading, but I wanted to let you know that that is the most beautiful dress I've seen all summer, both the color and the style." It was such a succinct, sweet compliment.

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