Mork has been a fun visitor

As mentioned before, we’ve had a visitor in our house the last few months.  Mork is my co-worker’s cat.  We took care of her while my co-worker went home for the holidays to visit her family.

Mork is very sweet, and quite small. I think Sentinel is twice the size of her, even with his three paws to her four.  

She really likes to sit on laps and Matt enjoyed having her here for that reason.  Being so small, and such a committed lap sitter, she was content to continually reposition herself as he shifted around.

Hopefully, Mork will be able to visit again soon. (Though Antares would be quite happy if she didn’t)

2 thoughts on “Mork has been a fun visitor”

  1. What a little sweetie cat! I love a good lap sitter. Arch accommodates that preference of mine quite a bit!

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