What I liked in books, 2016

Just for fun, I made some notes about what I liked about the books I read in 2016.
Not surprising: I like to read historical fiction, romances that aren’t Romances and books that are funny.
Surprising: I love reading about famous people. Not actual famous people, but characters in books who are famous. I like the females in my romances to be reluctant participants in the romance. I like mysteries in my plots, but not Mystery, the genre.
Here’s my list:
● Adventure.
● Bad girl turns good
● Based on Shakespeare (2)
● Characters of color/gay
● Clueless main character.
● Clueless romance.
● Completely bizarre premise.
● Dancing
● Difficult topic, Hard to read
● Fame/Famous person/Famous.
● Fantasy without being obvious about it
● Feminist in unexpected ways.
● Fights to get back to normal
● Finding out layers to a relationship.
● Full of a topic I knew nothing about
● Fully developed characters
● Fun premise.
● Funny. (2)
● Girls who want to do what guys do
● Great characters
● Great premise.
● Great voice.
● Guy wants girl
● Has a situation thrust upon her
● Healthy appetite for safe sex
● Historical fiction (4)
● Impossible situations, friendship/romance-wise.
● In the style of 30s children’s serials.
● Interesting setting.
● Inter-sibling violence
● Learning the layers of secondary characters
● Lots of feelings
● Love triangle (2)
● Magical realism, without being weird.
● Misunderstood meet-cute.
● Multi character (2)
● Multi-generational saga
● Mystery without seeming like one
● New friendships.
● Nobody gets her level of worry.
● Perfectly cast characters
● Problem-solving
● Random stories of other people.
● Reluctant romance
● Resistance to relationship.
● Sad (2)
● Short, but full
● Slow realization character is the nerd.
● Slow reveal that main character is the bad girl.
● Slow-burn romance.
● Small details dribbled out at the right moment
● Small mystery.
● Solid female character
● Solid friendship
● Stories revealed
● Swoony Romance.
● Takes place in one day.
● Three very different characters.
● Trickery
● Twist on the Twilight theme
● Unfamiliar setting, world.
● Update of Austen. (2)
● Veronica Mars-style atmosphere pulls me in.
● Very funny.
● Very proper
● Weird premise
● Weird.
● Woman goes against society’s role for her.

4 thoughts on “What I liked in books, 2016”

    1. I’m not sure. I was trying to get an idea of the kind of book I want to write next. “Write the book you want to read” was one bit of advice. So I went through and noted what I liked about my favorite books of last year.

      Note that it didn’t give me any good ideas.

  1. What a great list!

    I love how we spurred each other on with our famous reads! Its a funny subgenre to to fall for, but I love it nonetheless!

    Have you rad Geekerella yet (can’t remember)? It fits a few of these categories. That reminds me, I don’t think I got it on my famous board…pause for a Goodreads visit….

    1. Indeed. Our “famous” reading was quite fun.

      I just put Geekerella on hold. I’m squirrling away books for the vacation, which is good, because the number of books I’ve read this month is zero. (And it’s the 12th!)

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