Requiem: Chain wallet.

I was 17 when I bought this wallet from a kiosk in the mall.  For years it reminded me of boyfriend #3 because he had one too, though it was bigger than mine. Then it just became my wallet. I bought it because it was bad-assed, and I liked hooking my keys to my wallet.  I was probably in my 20s the last time I had the wallet in the pocket and the chain attached to my belt loop.  Now I appreciate the chain because I can hold the wallet and wrap the chain around my wrist, keeping my wallet and keys handily together.

Once upon a time the front had an embossed leather Harley Davidson symbol, but it fell off sometime in my 30s.

Aside from the leather giving out on one of the snaps, I’ve spent the last year or so worried that the pockets are too loose to hold the cards in anymore.  So it was time to shop for a new one.

Thanks to a birthday gift card (!!) I paid $0.38 for this wallet.

Things I like:  the amount of pockets it has to hold cards, plus the bigger bill holder part (made for larger Euros, as you can see by the “money” that came with it).
Things I don’t like?  The chain.  It’s too thin, too long and I don’t like the clip that holds my keys.  I’m going to see if a jewelry shop can swap out the old chain for the new one.
Thanks Jan! If I keep this wallet as long as I had the last one I will be 63 before I need a replacement.

2 thoughts on “Requiem: Chain wallet.”

  1. Oh yay! I'm glad that the gift card went to good use. I got an Amazon gc for my birthday this year and at first I had no idea what to do with it because I never shop Amazon. But I ended up getting several books and a necklace. It was fun!

    If that wallet lasts you all the way to 63, I'll gladly provide you with another gift card to get the next one, lol. I can't believe you kept the same one since 17! I don't even remember what my wallet looked like back then, or if I even had one.

  2. I love that your wallet had such longevity. can you imagine what the price per use would be on that? Fractions of a penny I would guess! I know, from photographs, what my wallet was at 17 and it is long gone! Very impressive.

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