Three sentence movie reviews: Interstellar

This was a very long movie and it really could have been much shorter, say two hours instead of 2h50m.*  I very much enjoyed the acting and was never really bored, but overall, there was just too much movie.  It’s always nice to see Wes Bently and his facial hair.

Cost: $10.00
Where watched:  McMenamins Baghdad Theater with Burt, Laurie and Matt.  (And yes, we DID get stamps for our passports.)

*Don’t want to sit through nearly three hours of movie? I’ll sum it up here:
(you should stop reading now if you don’t want SPOILERS)
(Really, now’s the time to stop.  SPOILERS ahead.)

  • Establishing earth story, with different feelings of family members, mostly anger and despair.
  • Endless unintelligible space science talk that sounded plausible to me, but what do I know really?**
  • Surprise cameo by a very famous actor!!!!
  • A bunch of rocket talk, PLUS added bonus annoying sexist thing that happens a lot in movies where the guy “makes the sacrifice” without talking it over ahead of time with the woman because you know men are really in charge and there’s no need to come to a solution TOGETHER.  I mean, really! In general, women are good problem solvers and collaborative people, so guess what lead male actor?  You probably didn’t need to do that thing you think you need to do.
  • Crazy fifth dimension thing that probably will blow your mind if your high hasn’t worn off yet.
  • Chatty family wrap up.

**Pretty much nothing.

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3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Interstellar”

  1. With Nolan, I usually like every other film he puts out, but I greatly disliked his last two, so I haven't been so keen on seeing this one. Your review has definitely moved it into the "see it when it comes out on video" category. Sigh. If only they could all be "The Prestige."

  2. I believe that Shawn went to see this on his own on Veteran's Day. His office was closed, but school was not! So there you are.

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