Pictures from my “snow” day.

It started as a two-hour delay.  Here are the three ways I’m informed of school delays and closures:  via text message, via the app FlashAlert and via email.
The two hour delay turned into a full day off because of worsening conditions.

Fine by me.  I used the time to cut out the Lined Swedish Shade I’m working on for my bedroom.  You can see I had a good helper.
Here is the back part of the shade.  It might be familiar to you as it was material left over from my uniform shirt/dress.  I have blackout curtain fabric on top of the blue.
Here is what it will look like when I get it all sewed together, though right now I’ve just folded the blue over the top of the bird fabric.  I love this fabric. It’s from Ikea.  My favorite two birds are the blue and the orange.  I like to think Matt is the blue one (his favorite color) and I’m the orange one (my favorite color.)  Aren’t we cute, sitting there talking?

I met Tiffany downtown for a drink–plans we had for “after school” on Thursday.  We just shifted them to “after snow day” instead.  
On the way back I took this picture of drippy ice.  The roads were fine, though.

3 thoughts on “Pictures from my “snow” day.”

  1. That shade is adorable, as is the fact that you've already picked about a bird each for you and Matt. So was your "snow" day actually more of an "ice" day? I'm just curious as to what, exactly, the bad conditions were.

  2. It was kind of icy? Or was supposed to be very icy later in the day? They called it because they were worried about worsening conditions and then the conditions didn't get worse.

  3. Oh how I love those sorts of snow days (if they don't have to be made up!) And future me knows that future you has the shade hanging in your bedroom. Lovely work, past you!

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