3 thoughts on “Sentinel and Antares not quite as thrilled about Mork visiting”

  1. Did the level of unwelcome seem to affect Mork?

    A couple of weeks ago, we had another dog (my BIL’s French bulldog puppy) in the house for the first time ever and I can’t stress hard enough how not good that went. Major was worked up for days after. My dog just can’t handle other dogs.

    Did it take long for Sentinel and Antares to get back to normal?

    1. She did spend a lot of time hanging out in a drawer in Matt’s bedroom. But Zoe said she was fine when she got home, so I guess it wasn’t too bad for her. And she’s pretty needy, so I think being around people for longer periods of time was better than me just going over twice per day to feed her.

      Sentinel and Antares just go back to normal once the interloper has gone home. I always wonder what they think, or if they think at all.

      Poor Major. I’m glad he got back to normal.

  2. Yowse, they are NOT HAPPY! Oh kitty attitudes! They are kind of amusing with their imperious glares. And thankfully it seems like there is not long term upset to linger in the house!

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