My 100 days post #7. Week 2 review, week 3 plan

Week 2 plan [and what happened]

Basically, I have rough transitions when I come back from vacation.  Because I get up very early (4:45 in my normal routine) I never want to maintain that when I go on vacation.  Then it’s tough to slide back into the routine when I return.

5/8 Monday–Swim [Didn’t swim.  Slept in. Did walk before work.]
5/9 Tuesday–Walk before work; tap dance [yes and yes]
5/10 Wednesday–Swim; square dance [No swim.  Slept in again. Had bad attitude  Did walk across the bridge, did square dance.]
5/11 Thursday–Walk before work [Did it]
5/12 Friday–Swim [The triumphant return to the pool!]
5/13 Saturday–Yoga; square dance [The other occupant in the house is sick and woke me up with his coughing.  I was awake for a long time, so slept in and skipped yoga.  I did go to the square dance.]
5/14 Sunday–Walk that is more than an hour in duration. [Also awoken due to coughing by another, also slept in, also did not go on a walk of any duration.]

Total planned activities:  10
Total activities done: 8
Number of activities subbed: 2

Wednesday and Thursday might be tough due to after-work commitments.  Will aim for the other days.  [I did meditate on Monday and Tuesday.  I did not meditate on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Saturday I did, though.  What happens on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night was that I came home from work, and had the choice of eating, or meditation.  I could not do both.  There was no time.  I will be proactive and meditate on the train in the morning on days that have quick transitions.  I didn’t meditate on Sunday, because weekends have no routine and tend to be busy, so the meditation gets forgotten.  Weekends are going to be an area of focus during 100 days, I can tell.]

Food habits:
Continue to track food habits.
Last week I noticed the following things (that were not at all new for me to notice) 1. I eat while cooking, which I don’t really like doing, but also don’t like stopping.  2. I sometime don’t eat dinner because I’m “not hungry” and then eat snacks instead.

This week I noticed I never have a food plan for the weekend.  I’d like to have a slight bit more structure built into my weekends around food.

The plan for the week of 5/15

As mentioned, the boyfriend has had a cough and a cold.  As of Sunday night I’ve got some laryngitis stuff going on.  I’m hoping that’s the extent of illness that will invade my body, but there’s a chance this plan will go south.  Though I hope not.  It’s a really busy week.

5/15 Monday–Swim
5/16 Tuesday–Walk in the morning, tap dance
5/17 Wednesday–Swim, Square dance
5/18 Thursday–Walk in the morning
5/19 Friday–Swim
5/20 Saturday–AM yoga
5/21 Sunday–walk to meet a friend for an event we have planned.

According to the new plan and my calendar I should meditate in the morning on Monday, Thursday and Friday.  I should be able to meditate in the evening on Tuesday and Wednesday. Weekends I will meditate when I feel kind of exhausted.

Food habits:
I’m experimenting with getting 800 grams of produce per day.  Let’s see if that ends up to be triggering in any way.  Also I need to put my food books on hold at the library.  I can’t afford to buy my own copies right now.

4 thoughts on “My 100 days post #7. Week 2 review, week 3 plan”

  1. The plan seems reasonable. And I appreciate that you give yourself some space to be a human. I think my problem with such planning is the inevitable beating up of myself when I don’t make it.

  2. I think you do a really good job of substituting when you can’t do the planned activity, rather than just giving up entirely.

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