Three sentence movie reviews: Hidden Figures

This was fun.  And when a movie can make systematic discrimination (both race AND gender) fun, it’s a winner.  I could have done with less cut-away “funny” comments by Glen Powell as John Glenn.

Cost: $1.50 via Redbox
Where watched: at home with Matt.

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6 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Hidden Figures”

  1. I hadn’t realized it, but it looks like a few previous posts fell of my reader. I thought I had caught them all…no luck. Not that I mind, I just like to be more timely!

  2. Now my actual three sentence movie review comment:

    I also loved this movie. It was great to see in the theater and enjoy the collective response. You just can’t get that on your couch jamming to a DVD/Netflix.

    1. The crowd response would have probably made this a more-fun experience. Especially if it was a mixed crowd.

  3. This is still on my list to get around to someday. My sci fi project will be finished by the end of August. I’m trying to decide if I’m going to go straight into the next project or if I’m going to take some time to watch stuff I want.

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