My favorite part of my white elephant gift.

Every year, friends have a White Elephant Christmas Party.  It’s always very fun, and fun to see what burbles to the surface as White Elephant gifts.  This year, Jeff opened a present that included two DVDs (Darby O’Gill and the Little People, Lost in Translation) and also a mix CD titled “My favorite songs of 2015, by Jane, age 7.”

I asked what the titles were, and Jeff read them, to a lot of jeering from other (male) party goers.

I got to choose after Jeff, and so I stole from him. I gave the two DVDs away, but kept the CD.


Matt and I listened to it in the car and I can say that Jane, age 7, and I don’t have the same taste in music.  And both Matt and I were surprised at how many of the songs were about sex.  I think Jane, age 16, will listen to this CD and be aghast at how much went over her head.  But I love that Jane, age 7 has an opinion about what kind of music she likes.  And that’s why I was happy to take home this CD.

Jane, age 7, by the way is the daughter of one of the other party guest.  Her mother said the mix CD was a party favor for her birthday and also that there are favorite songs Mix CDs for Jane age 6, 5, and 4.  Which is also pretty cool.

2 thoughts on “My favorite part of my white elephant gift.”

  1. I hate that Ex’s and Oh’s song so much that even seeing it written down makes me angry. Lol! Jane and I don’t appear to have similar tastes either, although I will admit to liking a few One Direction songs (just not the ones she chose). Honestly, I think it’s amazing that she does this. I don’t think it would’ve even occurred to me at that age.

    1. Yes, why are they still playing that song on the radio? It’s on every single time I get in the car. It was supposed to be the summer song and go away.

      I think maybe Jane, aged 7, has super cool parents.

      I wonder what would have been on my mix tape, age 7?

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