Three sentence movie reviews: iZombie Season 1


At first, I found myself irritated that Rob Thomas couldn’t come up with a TV show concept that was different than his first one.*  However, eventually that irritation faded and I found myself drawn into Olivia Moore’s struggle to maintain a normal life while finding her way as a zombie.  As with his previous series, supporting cast is excellent, particularly Rahul Kohli as her colleague and David Anders as a very bad dude.**

Cost:  Matt paid for Neflix Streaming so I could watch this.  Thanks Matt!
Where watched: at home with Matt.

*Smart, blonde protagonist finds herself an outcast and clues us in via voice-over?  You did it already with Veronica Mars, Mr. Thomas.  Granted, Veronica Mars was one of the best TV shows of the 2000s, but still!
**Also, production budgets seem to have provided for more guys who look good in their skivvies.

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  1. I’d been hearing a lot of good buzz about this. Had no idea that it was by the same guy who did Veronica Mars! AND David Anders is in it? Sold!

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