Olympic Peninsula Vacation: Lake Crescent, Sol Duc Falls and the road from Forks

We’re in the land of Twlight, (the book, not the movie) so I took to referring to the weather in vampire terms.  Today was party sparkly vampire.img_6269

As you can see, the lake was just outside our cabin.img_6270

We headed off to see Soleduck Falls.img_6271 img_6272

Bear country!  Luckily we weren’t camping.img_6273

More Olympic Park greenery.img_6274

This was an interesting waterfall because it split into three falls.img_6275

It wasn’t far from the parking lot to this waterfall, and it was also a launching point for many different trails so there were a lot of people taking pictures of Soleduck Falls.img_6276

The drop from the top of the falls to the river.img_6277

Blurry self-portrait. There was a young-dumb-and-full-of-cum-type guy off to our right, walking on the rocks where he shouldn’t have been.  I was waiting for him to slip and fall.img_6278

Because that fall wouldn’t be a pretty one.img_6279

We headed off for Lovers Lane Trail.  (No apostrophe) img_6281

Tall trees and greenery.img_6282

Having  a rest.img_6284

Our hike took us through Sol Duck campground.  I liked their way of visually depicting how many campsites were available, and for how many nights.  I think a red tag meant reserved for two or more nights.  Yellow maybe meant reserved for one night.img_6285

There are no pictures apparently, but we stopped at Soulduck Hot Springs.  It was nice.  They had three separate pools (hot, hotter and shallow for kids).  There was also a full-sized unheated pool.  Matt and I did hot/cold plunges.  Matt was not enamored of the smell.

We stopped to take a look for salmon.img_6286

Just like the sign promised, we did not see any salmon.img_6287

Logging truck.  Also, I was interested in this construction zone, which was operating without a flagging crew.  There were two temporary stoplights which were programmed to let alternating lanes of cars go.img_6288

I loved this little roadside stand.img_6289

So many fun bits of produce.  There were also books and other items such as an exercise bike.  I bought a zucchini for our dinner.img_6291

3 thoughts on “Olympic Peninsula Vacation: Lake Crescent, Sol Duc Falls and the road from Forks”

  1. It’s so cool that the lake was right outside of your cabin! I’m glad that the guy didn’t fall off the rocks, even if he might have served it. That would’ve been a pretty terrible thing to see. So was lovers lane romantic? Just wondering why it’s called lovers lane.

  2. Seems like my sparkling query would have been better placed here.

    I was reminded of our falls trip and waiting forever for that lady to get out of the sweet spot for our picture!

    Very lovely. On a aside note, I am enjoying your selfie game in these posts!

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