Our Pandemic Treat

When the pandemic started and no one was doing anything or going anywhere, Matt and I decided that on Saturday we would have our date night and our date night would involve buying a frozen pizza at Fred Meyer. This would better distinguish the date night from the other nights we also were at home.

In addition to a frozen pizza, we also picked up a pint of this delicious ice cream. This isn’t our preferred flavor (that one has Belgian chocolate in it) but it still has the Magnum magic: a hard shell around the outside of the ice cream and drizzles of chocolate throughout the pint.

The directions say to let it sit out for 10 minutes, then crack the sides with your hands (this breaks the shell) and then dig in. It’s incredibly delicious.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem to have taken the rest of the country (or our area of the country) by storm and it’s shelf space has been diminishing. I fear it might soon be gone forever.

But it was damn good while it lasted.

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