Postcards from Finland & Arlington, Virginia

This is from Katja who tells me she lives in a little city in the middle of nowhere, has two gorgeous children and a dog and loves her job as a photographer.

This is from regular commenter Sara, who tells me she say Bill Nye AND They Might Be Giants.  Also that there was a lot of DFTBA* merchandise on people, which does not surprise me at all.
*DFTBA means Don’t Forget To Be Awesome and is the rallying cry of Nerdfighters. Also see this post.

2 thoughts on “Postcards from Finland & Arlington, Virginia”

  1. A science and engineering festival? That's pretty dang cool. I have a feeling that everything discussed there might go right over my head, but I love that this is a thing that exists.

  2. The festival was focused on STEM in education. It was mostly for K-12 students and teachers. So, thankfully, it was in my wheelhouse! There were lots of presentations from school programs that use STEM. I saw more 3-D printers in one place than I had ever seen in my life. It was free, which was even sweeter. Add in Bill and TMBG and it was a very sweet way to spend a weekend!!!

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