Kid signs.

One of the K/1 classes made informative signs which they helpfully hung around the school.
Say sorry when you bump someone because someone might be hurt.

People are talking while going past the office.
Stop.  Don’t talk while Patricia is working. Shhhh.  Be quiet.
[the post-it note says]
Or else she will be distracted.

This is my favorite, both for the message and the illustration:
Do not sing “Let it Go” in the classroom or else people might get annoyed!

2 thoughts on “Kid signs.”

  1. Ha, these are awesome! I love the "Let It Go" one as well. It's nice to know that it's acceptable to sing the song outdoors (although I suppose passersby might disagree).

  2. I adore these. Kids are just the best!! I love that you got a shout out as well! So adorable. We could have used the "Let it Go" sign at our school. I think that singing anything from Frozen was an epidemic that all schools faced!!!

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