Requiem: skinny strap all-cotton tank

Back in the day (c.1998-1999) I worked for Bread and Circus Whole Food Market, which was the official name of the Whole Foods stores in the Boston area.  I worked in Prepared Foods, which meant I wore an apron and a chef’s jacket every day. We worked right in front of the ovens and though most of the case was refrigerated, there was also the hot case.  I was always moving, whether to restock or to get a customer just the right amount of Mexican Casserole.  I also (and still do) sweat a lot.

So I always wore tank tops to this job, even in the dead of winter.   (I had a sweater I would wear over the tank top during transit to and from.)    One day, I put on a shirt with sleeves, thinking it would be okay. It wasn’t and on my first break, I bought this tank top from the nutrition area so I could make it through the rest of the day.


This is my last wardrobe item from my time at Bread and Circus.  I outgrew it years ago (I mean it fits, but really it just “fits”) but kept it because I liked the feel of the functional organic cotton, even if I was just brushing by it in my drawer.


Farewell soft cotton tank top.  You are an end of an era.

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