This catalog makes me want to gnash my teeth.

I have no idea how I got on this mailing list, because we are not a match.  C.C. Filson Co. may have got their start outfitting miners, prospectors and lumbermen in Seattle, but they have strayed far from their roots.  $300 for a flannel shirt?  You know where the last few miners, prospectors and lumbermen buy their shirts? Walmart.  Because that’s what they can afford.  You know who buys $300 flannel shirts?  Software engineers who think they are the same ilk as miners, prospectors and lumbermen.  And they aren’t.  So don’t pretend they are.


And every modern outdoorsman needs a bag for his tablet and computer.  Grrrr.


(I liked quite a few of their tablet and computer bags, but again, not my price range.)

One thought on “This catalog makes me want to gnash my teeth.”

  1. This whole post cracked me up. I’m with you, sister. I thought for sure I was going to look them up & discover that they started like 10 years ago, but it turns out they’ve been around since 1897. Presumably they used to be for actual lumbermen and miners.

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