May the merchandising (and the hype) be with you.

I often make fun of Parade Magazine, but this picture was my favorite part of today’s paper.  The couple (Darth Vader and the Stormtrooper) met because of Star Wars, and three generations of the family will go together to see the new movie.  The couple’s plans were quite extensive, with viewings with various family members on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Let’s hope the movie isn’t a stinker.


And this was my second favorite part of the newspaper, for different reasons.  Can you imagine how many of these are going to be bought by women of a certain age who have no idea what to get their sons of a certain age for Christmas?  I have no idea how Star Wars merchandising has escaped the backlash that accompanies other features. (coughDisneycough).


My favorite parts of this ad:  “Strong demand expected!”  “Arrives with a FREE light bulb.”

I checked to see if my brother wanted one.  Surprisingly he declined.

One thought on “May the merchandising (and the hype) be with you.”

  1. The merchandising for SW was seriously out of control. I was about to punch a hole through the TV if I saw one more ad before it came out. That lamp is HORRIFIC. I asked Dan if he wanted one and he just laughed.

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