Requiem: Uncle Tom’s Chair


I have an Uncle Tom.  A Great-Great-Uncle, actually.  Well, he’s dead, but I did have one. And he had a chair.  This really great pink chair with excellent bones.  After Uncle Tom died, it sat in my grandparents’ basement, which, when they died, became my Aunt’s basement.  I can remember sitting in the chair reading and thinking, “someday, I’m going to have this chair in my house and I will sit and read in it.”  And indeed, all of that came to pass.

I liked how the chair fit my hips exactly, and I was charmed by the spring that had come loose, so the seat was a little askew.  Eventually, the cats took over the chair. Antares decided it was a great scratching post.  I held off getting a new chair, because I was afraid they would adopt the new chair as their scratching post, just as readily as they did this chair.  But I have acquired a new chair, so this chair will stand by the side of the road until it finds its new owner.


3 thoughts on “Requiem: Uncle Tom’s Chair”

  1. Will this eventually be recovered? Is that more of a project than you might like? We have 6 chairs that need recovering. Oof! Too expensive for our blood right now. Someday!

    1. As the requiem implies, not by me. It went out in the FREE pile shortly after I took this picture. On the sign I wrote, “Free. Good for upholstery project or cat scratcher.” Amazingly enough, someone took it. Although I think I spotted it in the distance later that week, so it might have gotten carried off to someone’s homeless encampment.

      Just wait until you see what I did to the replacement.

  2. And I remember this chair! I like the idea that it served several generations of your family well. Now it will serve someone else’s family. I’m excited to see the new chair!

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