Three sentence movie reviews: Now, Voyager

now voyager

I’d heard the title over the years and always assumed this was a science fiction movie.  Come to find out it’s an excellent portrait of a woman of a certain age coming into her own and I was absorbed throughout.  There were some worrisome  elements* but overall, it’s a grand tale of redemption and easily passes the Bechdel test.**

*I’d like to think that the situation at the end will continue to work for all parties, but I’m not certain it will.
**Unlike other movies this not only has two women characters, and those women characters talk to each other, but also when they talk to each other about something other than a man, what they talk about is a woman!

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home. I watched 95% of it on a Monday night and had to shut it off because I was falling asleep.  I finished the last bit several days later.

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4 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Now, Voyager”

  1. Ah the brilliantly delightful and tough as nails Bette Davis. Isn’t that interesting that I see her as an awesomely tough bird. I like that this passes Bechdel!

  2. Et voila! I am commented up! And now I am watching the Kiera Knightly (horrible hair, no hats, not refined clothes, and a frikking pig in the house) version of P&P.

  3. Bette Davis AND Claude Rains. Sounds like a winner. I always thought it was either sci fi or perhaps western action/adventure too.

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