3 thoughts on “Sign of protest: Wells Fargo”

  1. Oh gosh, I already forgot about DAPL. Don’t even remember what it is. I feel like the hits keep coming fast and furious. Also, Wells Fargo sucks, but I’m not really sure how they fund genocide? Honest question.

    1. For future readers: DAPL = Dakota Access Pipeline.

      I’m guessing this mention of genocide runs along the lines of: Wells Fargo supports DAPL, which has the potential to harm* a Native community, thus Wells Fargo = Genocide.

      If that’s the logic, I don’t agree entirely, but I do find it helpful to note which corporations support which things.

      *Though I’m guessing this sign maker would word this as: WILL harm

  2. DAPL is pretty huge around here, with our proximity to ND and our large Native population. Of course it has already leaked. 3 months after you posed this!

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