4 thoughts on “Sign of protest: from I-5 North”

  1. With the way the left keeps fighting itself, we may have to settle in for 8. I hope not, but I’m concerned in the same way I was concerned pre-election, when I was poo-pooed and told I should join in on the lulz.

    1. Yeah. Aside from impeachment, I don’t see us switching course after one term. Although we ARE only 100 days in.

      I’m keeping the George HW Bush as my hopeful touchstone. One term. And he was actually kind of good at being president.

  2. Harumph! I just don’t know. How can we do another term? I’m waiting to see what mid-terms look like. In the special elections we haven’t turned any seats yet, but we have come close in places where we should not have. I think that bodes well for generals in the mid-term. It feels like Health Care may be the ticket, somehow. Health Care and Russia…

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