3 thoughts on “Song of the month August 2017: Nothing.”

  1. Boo! Since we got the new car last January, meaning I can listen to music from my phone again, I also get much less radio exposure now. I tried to listen to Pandora the other day to help make up for that but, alas, Pandora wasn’t working for some reason.

    1. Since we got the new TV (something you will read about in the November posts) I’ve been turning on the TV to listen to OPB via antenna. That means the radio that once played OPB is now tuned to KINK, so I can choose music instead of news.

      While I could have switched back and forth on the radio, I’ve found my skill for tuning-via-knob has terribly atrophied. OPB was always really tricky. It was seemingly tuned until I stepped away, when it would get fuzzy again. This is a much better solution, even if the sound blanks out every time a Max train goes by.

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