Surgery day

Today is the day the boyfriend has a surgery to remove a growth on his head.  Here are all the things I brought along: my work computer, my phone, my tablet (Matt brought that so he could play games while he waited. But then I had to hold onto it while he was in surgery), two books, my camera (not pictured because it was taking the picture) and some tea.

It struck me that I had about $3000 worth of devices with me.  Yikes.

Some wild post-surgery hair.

His surgery went well and the lump is gone.  The patient is recovering.

5 thoughts on “Surgery day”

  1. I had a lovely comment. It went away.

    Here’s the gist:
    Woah devices. Good that M is better.

    Is that how you spell gist? I thought it had a y but spell check suggests otherwise.

    This time I will copy it before I hit post comment.

  2. Oh, how scary! I’m glad the surgery went well and assume it was determined to be nothing serious? How long did it take? Curious as to whether each of your entertainment options was utilized.

    1. I probably should have said it was a planned surgery, to fix something that developed from the car accident he was in as an adolescent. So not the kind of terrible lump that kills you.

      It took most of the day. We got there at 8 or 9 and were home by 3pm. I did some work on my work computer and then read. Matt did use the tablet before surgery. So all of the entertainment things were utilized, and the tea was drunk.

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