Poetry Reading at Shut Up and Eat

My friend C. came to town to participate in an open poetry reading and I got to accompany her. The location was the restaurant Shut Up and Eat.  I had a very good fried egg sandwich on a biscuit and settled back to hear some poetry.

David Cooke came to read his poems and also show his poetry boxes he has for sale.  He also read the poem “the New Colossus,” a poem which I have memorized.  For unknown reasons, he left off the last line.

I had this guy pegged as a poet even when he was standing in line for food.  He had the bulging notebook and taut mannerisms that pointed to a lot of thoughtful writing time.  Before everyone got started, he flipped through his notebook, reading this and that.  He also knew David Cooke left off the last line of “the New Colossus.”  What he did not do was read any poetry aloud.  Odd.

My friend going over her poem.  This picture also includes my phone, and the post-it note where I wrote down the bus transit times.

Another woman was taking pictures for a write-up of the event .


This woman was the organizer.  She read also.


A bevy of poems to choose from.

My friend’s poem went over well, and I enjoyed it.  I also enjoyed several other poems read aloud.  It was a great way to spend an evening.

5 thoughts on “Poetry Reading at Shut Up and Eat”

  1. I also like your phone cover.

    I do not like that your blog gets fussy when I post my comments too quickly. Not your fault, of course!

    1. This is how I choose my phone cover. Order phone. Open Amazon and then purchase the very first cover I don’t hate.

      I despise online shopping even more than real shopping.

  2. Did your friend have a good time/did she feel good about her reading? It looks like such a pleasant event! I checked out those poetry boxes – never heard of such a thing before. I think they’re beautiful. Unfortunately, a bit out of my price range.

    1. She felt very good about the reading, so I would say the night was a success.

      I’ve been wanting a poetry post for a good 10 years now. Still no progress. Perhaps I will put it on my wish list.

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