The 60/30 Rule Report 11/25

Ah, Thanksgiving week. The week where I was going to catch up the hours I missed because I was going to take off work if it wasn’t busy.

But it was busy. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I was planning on getting 3 or so hours done per day, and I did not.

I did do 10.5 hours this week (Thanks, Thanksgiving and the day after!) and feel good about that.

First off, I got my new monitor before Thanksgiving. The new monitor makes everything much easier. I also learned that visiting Jantzen Beach on the day before Thanksgiving means excellent service because no one is there!

This week was a big Mailchip week. I made a popup to get people to subscribe, I made a campaign that should send an email every time I post, I made a campaign that should send birthday greetings.

I also made my affiliate and subscriber blocks into reusable blocks. No more typing and linking. I just choose the block and it’s populated. This is a very big win. Thanks WordCamp, for having someone who mentioned this in passing, otherwise, I’d still be typing them for each post.

I also did some poking around to see if I wanted to do content management for social media. I decided I would not for now. I also learned how to post to Instagram from my desktop computer. It’s very tricky and involves using Google Developer Tools.

I’ve got one more week that is really only a Monday–Friday. Will I catch up with my hours?

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