The Academy Awards

Kelly hosted the Oscar-viewing party and we had a good time (despite my disappointment with the Best Picture outcome.)

I prepared my Happiest Oscar Viewer game, and I was the second happiest Oscar viewer. Laurie beat me out, but also because she had two things listed for some categories.

Kelly prepared a BINGO sheet, but nothing shook down in a way that caused any of us to win. If only one person had told their kids to go to bed! Or, if only I had looked more closely at my BINGO sheet instead of taking the one on the top.

The night of the Academy Awards remains my favorite annual TV event. I learned that when there is no host, things clip along. And also it’s awkward at the very end when there isn’t an official person to see us off the air.

2 thoughts on “The Academy Awards”

  1. Agreed about Best Picture. Serious side-eye.

    Glad it was a fun night! I have been DVRing the ceremony for while now. I usually watch it on the broadcast night – just 30-60 minutes behind and I love fast forwarding through the ads and things I think are a but enh ‍♀️to watch.

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