The crew heading off for the Women’s March (and pictures from the road)

People were over for breakfast, and some of the group was headed downtown for the Women’s March.  I had a workshop, so was not going, but Kelly, Burt, Laurie and Matt were gearing up.

“I’ll take a picture” I said, and got my camera ready.  Laurie and Kelly were waiting by the door, Burt was sitting in a chair and Matt was getting on his coat.  “Maybe Laurie and Kelly should go stand by Burt.” I suggested, trying to efficiently get my ducks in a line.

“Wait, are we starting the Women’s March, by having the women orient themselves around a man?” Matt asked.

Below is the photo that came from that statement.

And the official photo.

A little later, I headed out for my own trip downtown.  I have never seen this many people at the Kenton Max stop.

It’s not a protest unless the Margeliz Jewelry Shop is boarded up. I notice the Banana Republic also had the plywood out.  They needn’t have feared, there wasn’t a single arrest.

After my workshop ended, I waited for the Max, watching various people get their picture taken with the riot police.

4 thoughts on “The crew heading off for the Women’s March (and pictures from the road)”

  1. I love that people got their pictures taken with the police! And that there weren’t any arrests. I can’t remember any violent protests in Portland, at least not for years and years. I’m surprised that those businesses felt the need to board up.

    P.S. I like both pictures of the marchers.

    1. There was some property destruction after the election in November. A bunch of cars at an auto dealership were vandalized. So it’s not unheard of. But that jewelry store always boards up. They do it on New Year’s Eve and other potentially dangerous times. Part of me wonders if they get a better deal on their insurance rates by doing so.

  2. It was so interesting to head out for the March. There was a small police presence, but not the full riot gear, so my memory. We’ve had more volatile protests in the wake of police violence here and an active Black Lives Matter movement, which is understandable. I went with a friend and it was her first March. I got a few pics of the day, but none of us together, sadly. That’s what happens for me when I’m not blogging. I forget to get people pictures. That’s a reason to blog right there! There are more, but that’s one which helps me.

    A quick comment and now I’m off for a writing group…this time a dissertation one!

    1. I wasn’t there, but it’s my understanding that the riot gear forces were very small in comparison to normal protests. In one of the pictures from the day a male police officer is wearing a pussy hat. It was a very relaxed police presence. Too bad they can’t be like that all the time. *ahem* May Day *ahem*

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