The fourth summer of my summer reading volunteering.

This year’s t-shirt is my favorite so far.  It’s the first one I haven’t immediately donated to Goodwill upon completion of my service.  If you want to volunteer for Summer Reading contact the library volunteer program early next year.  Summer Reading volunteers help children keep track of where they are in the summer reading game.  They also distribute prizes and answer questions.  The two hour per week shifts are fun.  Volunteer today.
(Note that my summer reading volunteer service ended in August. I just forgot to take the picture of the shirt until the end of September.)

3 thoughts on “The fourth summer of my summer reading volunteering.”

  1. Could you explain this a little more in depth? So you don't read with the kids? Do you help them keep track on a computer database or some other way? Two hours per week seems like the perfect amount of volunteer work.

  2. The summer reading program is a thing where the children sign up and get a game board. Then for every bit of time reading (30 minutes for K-5, more for older, less for younger) they make off one space in their game board. After a certain number of spaces, they come in to get Prize Level 1. They can pick from a toy, a book or a coupon. When they do, I stamp their card and send them off to read some more. There is a prize level 2 (same choices) and then the Grand Prize is a t-shirt (just like the one I wear as a volunteer) and a reduced-price admission to Oaks Park, plus entry to win a trip for four to Great Wolf Lodge.

    It's pretty fun to hang out in the library and read while intermittently assisting the children.

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