Happenings at the City of Roses Motel Site.

What’s this?  A fence directly in my way on my walk to the train?
It seems that I will not be accessing this sidewalk at least through the end of the year.
Some establishing photos:
The sign as it stands now. 
I have had mental plans for this lot for years.  This area will be the garden, ringed on the outside by orchard trees.
This smaller section will be where the small house I will build will be located.
Opposite view of sign.  I wonder if the rose bush will survive whatever is coming.
Stay tuned.  Change comes quickly.

3 thoughts on “Happenings at the City of Roses Motel Site.”

  1. I hope that the sign stays, somehow incorporated onto whatever new building/situation comes. It seems nice not to have an empty lot just sitting. But I suppose what is coming could be worse than that?

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