The view from Sentinel Peak

Having grown up with a very large white B* hovering in the foothills above my hometown, I’m always a fan of discovering letters in the landscape.  There’s a big “A” visible from the freeway in Tuscon.  Dad drove me up to take a look.

Here’s the story.  My favorite part is that the Parks & Rec department now maintains it.  Those college kids aren’t so reliable.

Desert and town

More desert and town

Even more desert and town. 

There were some shading structures with informational signage.  One of them also came with a couple making out, while sitting on top of the informational sign.  Between that couple and the other teenagers getting high back in the parking lot, I think I can say that Tuscon’s Sentinel Peak is not unlike Boise’s Table Rock.

Anyway, rock on top of the shading structure.  I can see how that would be a thing.

The view from the freeway.

*For residents of Boise, that link up there is worth a read.  It’s funny!  I also learned that you can no longer drive all the way to the top of Table Rock.  Fie on that!

6 thoughts on “The view from Sentinel Peak”

  1. Thank you for such excellent coverage of the “A” and your hike/walk up to see it! I’m going to go read that Table Rock article…

  2. Neat! I enjoyed the desert views & reading about the history of this. Although the cynical part of me did wonder if ol’ Albert secretly always told himself that the “A” actually stood for his name. 😛

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