Friday Drive

Dad and I took the MGB out for a drive with his driving buddies from the dog park.  We had a good drive.

These are tailings from the copper mines.
This is actual nature stuff, not created by extractive processes.

I love looking at all the different kinds of cacti.

Great sign!

Car interior.  We had the top on, due to the chilly day.

We drove through Saguaro National Park.

Saguaro cacti are the classic form of cacti that everyone can draw, due to the cartoons.  They are plentiful in the hills, which looks very cool.

We drove to a small airport and had breakfast.  Then I took pictures of all the drivers and their cars.

I’m very interested in this agriculture thing happening in the desert.  It seems like not the best idea, but I know little about the subject.

6 thoughts on “Friday Drive”

  1. The cacti are so cool. My grandmother had a little pot of different cacti in her house and I was always intrigued. It’s fun to see them in their natural habitat. Drivers and their cars…

    1. I like cacti too. I think they are pretty. Just not in that lounge-in-the-meadow sort of way.

  2. Hey! I did finish my selected posts and now I am off to work on a piece that is in review for a journal and we (my co-author) and doing deep revisions right now. Happy Monday!

  3. I never saw saguaro cactus outside of a cartoon until we drove through Arizona! I was like, “Wow, those are actually a real thing!”

    I had no idea that the “tailing” effect was caused by mining. I always thought that was a naturally occurring thing. Thanks for the education!

    Re: driving buddies. So they get in their classic cars and go for drives together?

    1. They do get in their cars and drive together. My dad also does drives with the British Car Club, but this drive happened to be a regular group drive that is organized at the dog park.

      I always enjoy when cartoon things like saguaro cacti turn out to be a real thing. I would guess it’s like people from the tropics getting to experience snow finally.

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