The wit that is contained in the 12 Bottle Bar

I purchased the 12 Bottle Bar book because I’m interested in building a home bar and doing it with only 12 bottles seems like a grand idea.  I had no idea the authors would be so amusing.  They also feature other amusing authors, such as Sam Greenspan, who tells us about “11 Drinks Not to Order for the Opposite Sex.”  This paragraph in particular amused me.

3 thoughts on “The wit that is contained in the 12 Bottle Bar”

  1. That sounds like a really interesting book. We very rarely buy alcohol of our own accord, so we usually just end up with whatever people bring over for parties. If I were to have a home bar, however, I'd like to do it right. I never thought of picking up a book about it. Was it helpful?

  2. It's really great. They give recommendations for each kind of alcohol in their 12 bottle bar and have recipes to go with everything. They also have a chapter on making your own mixers like grenadine, etc. I recommend this book! In fact, I bought another copy for a gift.

  3. I know that one half of Pike Schemes is especially excited to prepare his bar via this book. And the other half will enjoy his experimentation!

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