The World’s Largest Candy Store in Minnesota

It’s actually called Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store, but I think my name is better. Interestingly, they have no web site.  And only take cash.  And, if this blog post is to be believed, they have no phone number.   But do they need these things, when they are the world’s largest candy store in Minnesota?  I guess not.  Because how can you drive by this and not stop?IMG_4226

Huge parking lot indicates that it probably gets a little crazy on weekends.


What’s a tourist stop without homemade fudge?


We were initially amused by the reference to the Big Lebowski.


Sara wondered if someone changes the date every day.


They have the largest collection of soda.  Just look at all of these varieties! (They also had good varieties too. I was just intrigued by the gross factor.)




Candy as far as the eye can see.  They also had a ton of jigsaw puzzles.


Sara tried the TARDIS.


“I’m sure they don’t make candy cigarettes anymore,” said I, right before we found the candy cigarettes.


Rebranded as “candy sticks” for Marvel Heroes, but we know what they are.


We were happy to discover the Idaho Spud bars.  And that people had been buying them.


You can also have house-made apple pies and strudel.  These hand-made signs killed me.




As did this gentleman, who, if that blog post above is to be believed, is the father of the owner.


On your way out you could open your soda with this great period bottle opener.


3 thoughts on “The World’s Largest Candy Store in Minnesota”

  1. Oh god, ranch dressing soda? I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. I’m literally shuddering in revulsion right now (note: I hate ranch dressing in general). So, don’t leave me hanging, did you pick up any goodies while you were there?

    1. We had made a previous stop at another place that wasn’t very good, I took to calling it Mrs. Krebables Apple Orchard. And I had something sweet there, so everything kind of turned my stomach. I bought some small hulled popcorn and maybe something else? It turns out I don’t like small hulled popcorn. But it was fun to go there. Looking at the pictures after the fact, I wished I had bought some of that pie.

  2. I am glad that picture I took of the outside, while we were speeding past actually turned out. It was a fun sugar haven. Too bad it wasn’t our first stop.

    I agree about the pie.

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