Random Band Stand/Gazebo in St. Peter

Having taken in some Mankato sites, we headed north to Minneapolis. ¬†However, we were sidetracked by this lovely specimen in Minnesota Square Park and pulled off of the highway to take a closer look. ¬†The park’s website refers to this as a Pavilion.IMG_4198

Fabulous ceiling.


Really good vistas.




Great structure explored, we detoured through the playground on the way back to the car.




3 thoughts on “Random Band Stand/Gazebo in St. Peter”

  1. The ceiling is very nice. I was just at the Getty Villa today and actually took one of the tours this time. Our tour guide told us how the Romans were very careful about framing. The spaced their columns and decorations in such a way that each set of columns basically created a “frame” in which a “picture” was created. So when I looked at your “really good vistas” photo, I immediately thought, “Hmm, those trees are poorly framed.” Lol.

  2. To be clear, not poorly framed by you. Poorly framed by whoever planted them so that they’re not in perfect line between the columns.

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