Three sentence movie reviews: Certain Women

Quietly heartbreaking in the best Kelly Reichardt way.  I liked how the cold of winter in Montana seeped into the theater and how it was the small moments that killed.  I’d love to see more of Lily Gladstone too.

Cost: $4.00
Where watched: Laurelhusrt theater.  (This is movie number three! A triple feature, all seen in the theater.)

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4 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Certain Women”

  1. I feel like Michelle Williams is getting a lot of work these days (not that I’m complaining). How was the cinematography? I’ve never been to Montana but I’m sort of fascinated with it.

    1. Kelly Reichardt uses her in a lot of her movies. I think Michelle Williams is one of those quality actresses who also isn’t super striking, so she can morph into different characters easily.

      The cinematography was beautiful, which you usually get with a Reichardt film. My friend from college lives in the town this film is set in, so between this and Wendy and Lucy, we now both have Reichardt films from our town.

  2. The poster seems haunting. Does it reflect the movie? And I’m guessing this gets a Bechdel pass!?

    1. I wouldn’t say the movie is haunting. More like slices-of-quiet lives. It does get a Bechdel pass, but only because one of the slices of life involves a lesbian character.

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