Three sentence movie reviews: The Edge of Seventeen

I tried to see this in the first-run theaters, but had to settle for second-run.  Which means a lot of you didn’t see this movie, which is too bad, because this nails adolescent girl angst.*  Prickly, sad, funny, tragic, this movie has it all and I loved it.

Cost: $3.00
Where watched:  Laurelhurst Theater

*It also is quite good with awkward conversations between people who might like each other.

poster from:
One of the poster commenters wondered how he could get the Lego Big Labowski hoodie Steinfeld is wearing.

3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: The Edge of Seventeen”

  1. This is also on my list! I never heard of it until recently but I got super excited when I did because it sounded so good. Can’t wait to see it!

  2. It’s hard to find movies that get the right teen balance that aren’t just adulty remixes of imagined youth. I was recently thinking about how I would interact with one set of my parents in feisty ways. Yes, I was a good kid bust still had that feisty angsty fussy side (okay, I still do).

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