Three sentence movie reviews: Crazy Rich Asians

This movie was very pretty to look at, from both a scenery and actor perspective, plus it took place in Singapore, which is an area I’m not at all familiar with, even cinematically. However, the pacing of this film was very slow, which made for not quite the enjoyable movie going experience I was looking for. Awkwafina perked up whatever scene she was in, but otherwise this was a little bit of a slog.*

Cost: $5.55
Where watched: Regal City Center Stadium 12 with S. North, who fell asleep.

Consider also watching: The Incredible Jessica James, Maggie’s Plan

*Also, by the time a person has been in a relationship for a year, the time has long passed for them to disclose any things about their family that might matter to the other person in the relationship. The lack of such disclosure bugged me and made it hard to root for the couple.

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