Three sentence movie reviews: Doctor Strange

This contained all the elements of what we’ve come to expect from Marvel films,  plus some Christopher Nolan-style Inception things.  It’s also a good reminder that one should not be distracted by things while driving.  All the big-name actors gave good performances, and it didn’t drag, for such a long movie.

Cost: $7.25
Where watched: Century Theaters Clackamas Town Square. (First time at this theater!  Really liked it!  It’s very far away, though.)

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2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Doctor Strange”

  1. For months (until we finally saw Rogue One in January), this was the last film I saw in the theater! I liked it, although I’m not sure that I would bother to ever watch it again.

  2. I love myself some Cumberbatch but I couldn’t quite find the appeal. We talked about going but I continued to be enh. Sounds like it might have been okay…

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