Z-A games. Eggs & Empires

We’ve made it to “E” in our Z-A quest to play all our games.  This brings us to Eggs and Empires, a game I enjoy because it’s quick to learn, has a strategy, and also isn’t called Exit Empires, like I originally thought when Matt was first talking about it.

In this game, you play cards attempting to capture “good” eggs, and avoiding “bad” eggs.   I killed Matt in this contest, making this one of my few wins in this project.

3 thoughts on “Z-A games. Eggs & Empires”

  1. Hmm, I actually like the name “Exit Empires” better than “Eggs and Empires.” Idk about Matt, but Dan always seems to win, so those rare times when I get a win, it feels so good! I played a game I quite liked the other weekend called “The Castles of Burgundy.” Have you ever played it?

    1. Matt wins a lot. 🙁

      I haven’t played Castles of Burgundy, but reading about it online, it seems like it would be something I would like to play.

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