Three sentence movie reviews: Gas Food Lodging

A re-watch (last seen: sometime in the early 90s) and a disappointing one.  It didn’t hold together at all, plot-wise and Ione Skye was grating as the pretty, bratty girl who didn’t want to live in the small town.  Fairuza Balk’s performance was more nuanced, but it was not enough to save this movie.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home

poster from:
(I chose this poster because the DVD cover has Skye and Balk in hair and makeup that was not present during the movie.)

2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Gas Food Lodging”

  1. It’s almost amusing how quickly Ione Skye went from “it girl” to “gosh, that actress is annoying.” I never heard of this film before. I know a lot of guys who absolutely love Fairuza Balk. Weird that her career never really got off the ground.

    1. Before he was college boyfriend John, an comment praising this movie helped get him in the running to be college boyfriend John.

      I did some internet searching on Fairuza Balk and someone has a theory that she has cursed every production she’s been in, and she may actually be a witch. Myself, I think that she is just a good actress who never got the break she deserved. I have many fond memories of her in Almost Famous, though.

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