Three sentence movie reviews: Girls Season 5


As the cover of the DVD indicates, the girls are starting to get with it.  There were some great moments this season*, and it’s fun to see the various hot messes start to figure things out.  As always, these are people I would never want to hang out with in real life, but I enjoy watching their stories.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home

*Here’s a list:  Marnie & Charlie reunited (Panic in Central Park); Adam and Jessa’s developing relationship; the really awesome interactive play where Hannah figures out the Adam & Jessa thing; anything with Shoshannah in Japan. Hannah’s dramatic, fleeing breakup with Fran;  Hannah & Ray in the coffee truck;  Hannah’s hitchiking back into the city, especially if you watch the full cut on the DVD (Homeward Bound);  Hannah running into her frenemy (Love Stories).  Adam & Jessa’s breathtaking fight (I love you baby).

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  1. I stopped watching the show somewhere in season 3, I think, but reading your review of season 5 makes me want to go back and finish the series. I forgot how entertaining it was!

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